William Twigger joins MediSieve


Blood filtration device manufacturer employs new product engineer to drive innovation

MediSieve, an award-winning start-up that manufactures a revolutionary life-saving blood filtration device, has recently welcomed William Twigger as its new product engineer.

Joining the three-person product development team at an exciting time; Twigger is poised to bring his wealth of experience to furthering the innovation of MediSieve by taking responsibility for the engineering aspects of product development.

Graduating with a BA honours in metallurgy and material science in 2010 from the University of Birmingham; Twigger went on to have a successful career in the medical product engineering sector.

George Frodsham, chief executive of MediSieve, said: "It’s really great to have Will working with us, and it’s another exciting development for the company, which is rapidly growing."

"William brings a wealth of engineering knowledge to the company and we’re all delighted to welcome him to the team."

As the design control engineer at Baxter, ApaTech, from 2016-2017; Twigger was an instrumental part of the company’s product manufacturing and engineering design. Developing class three medical devices, which are used to substitute bone as part of surgical procedures, the company is integral to the success of a number of procedures, such as hip replacements.

Before his tenure at Baxter, ApaTech; Twigger was First Water’s senior development engineer.

Of his new appointment, he said, "I’m incredibly excited to be joining such an exciting start-up, and to be working with such a great team."

"It’s a great opportunity for me and I’m confident that my experience will help drive continued innovation at the company."

MediSieve is developing a revolutionary device used to magnetically filter blood.

Similar to dialysis, the patient’s blood is circulated through an external loop in order to remove any disease-causing particles or cells. Unlike dialysis, though, MediSieve uses antibody-coated magnetic particles to target and remove specific components, providing a flexible, adaptable platform technology to enable new treatments for a wide range of different diseases.

MediSieve can be used alongside drug therapy treatments in the treatment of malaria, leukaemia and sepsis, removing different specific targets in each case, such as pathogens, malaria-infected cells or circulating leukaemia cells.

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Progressing to clinical trials in 2018, the MediSieve team is constantly working on ways to broaden the application of the device and research is ongoing.