Torsan paints protect against bacteria and mould


Tor Coatings worked with SteriTouch on antimicrobial technology

High performance paints featuring SteriTouch antimicrobial technology for commercial use have been launched by Tor Coatings of Chester-le-Street in County Durham, UK.

Aimed primarily at specifiers in the healthcare and catering industries where infection control is vital, Torsan products offer protection from harmful bacteria and mould in two hours owing to the addition of additives from SteriTouch, which is based in Abertillery, Gwent.

Torsan has been independently laboratory tested and proven to be 99.99% effective against pathogens including MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella and Listeria. It is also proven against Aspergillus Niger, the black mould that is thought to aggravate respiratory illness and lead to expensive redecoration of healthcare facilities.

The Torsan products are said to be unaffected by industrial cleaning chemicals, so that the antimicrobial performance of the range, which includes acrylic eggshell and water-based WBU, will never diminish or leach.

Tor Coatings’ brand director Paul Waller, said: “Working closely with SteriTouch on the development of Torsan has resulted in not only our best ever range of hygiene coating system but arguably the best on the UK market. It’s effectiveness against superbugs such as MRSA and E.Coli is exceptional and will be good news for the professional specifier tasked with protecting environments against these bacteria.”

Tor Coatings and SteriTouch formed a partnership in 2010 based on mutual expertise in their market sectors. SteriTouch customers include PHS Washrooms and Universal Electronics, while Tor Coatings boasts Rust-Oleum and Blackfriar among its established brands.

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