Olympus supplements its THUNDERBEAT portfolio


THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw is dedicated for a variety of open surgical procedures requiring delicate and fine tissue dissection

The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw is the first Olympus product specifically designed for open surgical procedures that require delicate and fine tissue dissection, such as in thyroid surgery or various Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) and breast procedures. It is now available in the UK market.

Following the successful launch of the THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw (OEJ) for open surgery in December 2014, the new THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw (OFJ) is now available, further enhancing the product portfolio.

Like all THUNDERBEAT devices, the new THUNDERBEAT OFJ harnesses synergistic energy by fully integrating bipolar high-frequency and ultrasonic technologies. The device is specially designed to be utilised in open surgery particularly in superficial and confined areas, such as thyroid and ENT procedures or breast surgery.

The by-now familiar benefits of fastest-in-class cutting and dissection with reliable sealing and cutting of vessels up to 7mm in diameter are supplemented with a fine curved tip design for precise dissection.

“The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw is ideal for open procedures such as thyroidectomies”, said Frank Drewalowski, managing director of the medical systems division at Olympus Europa.

“Almost for every laparoscopic and open procedure in general surgery, gynecology, urology and ENT we aim to have a specially-developed product for the demands at hand. We are delighted with the capabilities that THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw offers in confined-area open surgery, making such procedures easier for surgeon and patient alike.”

Benefits for patients and surgeons

The THUNDERBEAT OFJ has been developed as part of a complete energy platform offered by Olympus, supplementing the Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System and covering new applications in open surgery.

The platform itself combines an ultrasound generator with a complete, integrated high-frequency (HF) generator compatible with all conventional HF instruments available in the market. Having a single generator platform across a multitude of surgical specialties and applications reduces complexity, helping hospitals to streamline both surgical workflows and OR staff training. The benefits are increased efficiency, patient safety and staff satisfaction, while also reducing inventory costs and management complexity.

For patients, using THUNDERBEAT technology can mean shorter times in surgery, with reduced blood loss and a reduction in pain, along with faster recovery times and shorter overall stays in hospital.

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Product features of the THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw, include:

  • Fastest-in-class tissue cutting and secure vessel sealing, even for large vessel diameters of up to and including 7mm
  • Seal mode (accurate application of advanced bipolar energy), to stop secondary bleeding immediately. The advantages of this are fewer instrument changes, improved speed of working, and greater patient safety, as with all THUNDERBEAT products
  • Scissors-type grip, a first on THUNDERBEAT instruments, specifically designed for precise and direct maneuvering in open surgery. The grip is integrated in a light, ergonomic and perfectly-balanced handpiece that fits into the surgeon’s hand and provides precise and direct tactile feedback
  • Curved fine tip, for enhanced target area visibility with easy entry and separation of the tissue plane in confined areas; the THUNDERBEAT OFJ tip has been optimized for the anatomy around the thyroid, the head and neck area and the breast
  • Atraumatic jaw design ensures secure, non-slip grasping, with even tissue compression thanks to the ‘wiper-jaw’ technology
  • Tissue stopper, unique to the THUNDERBEAT portfolio, to prevent tissue sticking inside the shaft.