Nortech’s standalone access control system is reliable and cost-effective door controller


Proximity card reader/access controller combination is small, powerful and supports up to 500 users

Nortech has launched its NanoQuest, a secure, single-door self-contained access control system.

The NanoQuest is a compact standalone proximity card reader and access controller that is easy to install and operate and houses both the access control electronics and the 125kHz proximity reader.

Its slender and elegant compact design suits most architectural and interior design settings, while the robust construction allows it to be used in most working environments.

A NanoQuest unit controls access through a single door for up to 500 authorised users, and can also be used as a secure method of controlling devices such as intruder alarm panels, lighting and heating.

The configuration of its many features and the addition/removal of user cards are made simple with a ‘Master’ card.

Special ‘User’ and ‘Auxiliary’ cards can also be added to control auxiliary devices and access restricted areas and free exit input is included.

And the unit can also output card data in RS232 format when in 'NanoQuest' mode, and in both RS232 and 26-bit Wiegand format when in 'Reader' mode so that it can be used as a standard card reader as part of a future migration to a larger system.

In addition, it can be armed by an external device, allowing door monitoring and alarm output to external alarm devices.

Nortech offers a flexible range of card and fob packs for the system. These can be purchased as necessary and individually enrolled into the NanoQuest when needed.

For installations with many users, card packs are supplied in filing wallets, where each card comes with a duplicate administration/shadow card option.

A batch enrolment card is also supplied to enable the enrolment of a whole batch of cards in a single procedure.

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If a card is lost or stolen, then the corresponding administration card can be used to remove that card from the NanoQuest.