New e-learning tool enables NHS to create in-house training materials


NimbleMed from OCB Media designed to give trusts the flexibility to develop their own bespoke programmes for in-house training

A new e-Learning tool has been officially launched which is designed to give healthcare organisations the flexibility to develop their own bespoke programmes for in-house training.

NimbleMed has been developed for the healthcare sector. It is an e-learning tool that allows for the creation of tailored online training material. This means that organisations can develop their own individual programmes to meet specific needs from health and safety to cardiovascular surgery.

E-learning is widely used across the healthcare industry as a way of keeping staff updated about changes in practice, regulations and treatment. NimbleMed has been developed by e-learning specialist, OCB Media, which has also worked with healthcare professionals to develop award winning e-learning materials such as Spotting the Sick Child, Safe Prescriber (SCRIPT), and the National Early Warning Scorecard (NEWS).

OCB Media’s managing director, Dr Nicholas Blackwell, said: “One of the most-significant advantages that e-learning has over more-traditional forms of learning is its flexibility.

“However, we are conscious that not all e-learning materials need to be created by external contractors. Through using in-house expertise, we’ve made it simple to transfer the knowledge of staff onscreen. By allowing organisations to create their own programmes, they can, for the first time, create cost-effective online learning programmes.”

NimbleMed is a cloud-based collaborative content authoring tool, which outputs SCORM compliant modules in both Flash and HTML5 formats.

“Outsourcing content development has many significant advantages and allows organisation to share the latest knowledge from the UK or world-leading experts,” added Blackwell.

“However, having the facility to develop in-house e-learning programmes enables organisations to create materials quickly which are focused on their specific circumstances and requirements.”

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NimbleMed is available for an annual licence fee.