New curtain range boosts hospital environments


Drapilux ranges bring light and colour into clinical settings

Curtain manufacturer, Drapilux, has launched three new ranges in an effort to bring light and colour onto hospital wards.

The new lines have been specifically developed for use in clinics, introducing cheerful colours and patterns into everyday hospital life.

Kirstin Hermann, the firm’s textile designer, said: “Bare walls, cold lighting, sparse decorations – these are not the words generally used to describe an inviting atmosphere. And yet in many clinics, where a feel-good factor can have a significant effect on the recovery process, such a mundane atmosphere is still very much the standard.

“A stay in hospital is not usually associated with enjoyment, which is why it is all the more important that a sense of wellbeing can be achieved for the patients, thus helping to create a positive atmosphere and promote a speedy recovery. Colours and shapes form an integral part of this process, in terms of wall design, furnishings and decorative textiles.”

The new fabrics include colours such as red, the colour of love; and green, said to evoke feelings of hope.

Hermann said: “With our selection of colours, we have concentrated on cooler nuances that convey a touch of spring. These modern and classic shades complement each other perfectly in harmonious arrangements, while a white background provides an optimal base for colourful accents, underpinning the cheerful, fresh and clear character of the designs.”

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As well as introducing colour onto wards, the ranges also feature leaves and abstract flowers as well as dissolving block stripes, and are made from an antimicrobial material incorporating silver ions to destroy bacteria, and an air feature to protect against odours.