Michelson Diagnostics launches next-generation Optical Coherence Tomography System


VivoSight Dx OCT imaging system aimed at dermatologists

Michelson Diagnostics has launched VivoSight Dx, its second-generation OCT system.

VivoSight Dx is aimed at dermatologists seeking an imaging system that will enhance their ability to make rapid, accurate diagnostic decisions for their patients.

It is lighter, more compact and more mobile than the first-generation OCT system, enabling its use in a consulting room at short notice.

VivoSight Dx also features a completely-new graphical user interface, designed to make the patient scan and image-assessment workflow very fast and efficient for maximum patient throughput.

VivoSight Dx is based on the innovative and proprietary multi-beam OCT technology, which enables unrivalled image quality and allows the scanner to be used as a point-of-care tissue-imaging system.

VivoSight Dx provides users with a unique, non-invasive view of the sub-surface of the skin through high definition images. Using VivoSight Dx, clinicians can obtain images of the epidermis, papillary dermis and reticular dermis - the regions where almost all skin cancers originate - and make an accurate, pain-free diagnosis in real-time.

The OCT technology is supported by more than 50 clinical publications, including the pivotal German multi-centre basal cell carcinoma (BCC) diagnosis study announced yesterday. Initial clinical application for VivoSight has been in the diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC); the most-common skin cancer.

Michelson Diagnostics is also embarking on a number of collaborations. The company recently announced a partnership with Smith & Nephew to investigate further applications of VivoSight in areas such as burns and wound care.

Andy Hill, chief executive of Michelson Diagnostics, said: “The reaction to the launch of VivoSight Dx has been incredible. The combination of a smaller size and a more user-friendly operating system will make it easier for clinicians to provide this innovative technology to their patients.

We believe that VivoSight Dx, based on our proprietary multi-beam OCT technology, together with the support of pivotal research just published in the British Journal of Dermatology, should become the gold standard for non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of non-melanoma skin cancer and other conditions that affect cutaneous and epithelial linings of the body.”

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