London women’s clinic installs on-site diagnostic suite


Twenty-five Harley Street installs Fujifilm Visionary Suite DR room solution and Synapse PACS package

Twenty-five Harley Street in London is a day clinic that focuses on women’s health and wellbeing, providing integrated care and treatment in the areas of gynecology, aesthetics, dermatology, and bone health.

The clinic works with some of London’s pre-eminent consultants offering a bespoke service to their patients.

“Twenty-five is constantly looking for ways to improve our patient’s experience,” said chief executive, Bob Davidson.

“When the clinic decided to enhance services by including medical imaging, we were looking for a complete system that offered cutting-edge technology.

“We selected the Fujifilm Visionary Suite DR room solution and Synapse PACS package as it offered exceptional image quality with advanced functions which allow us to provide a comprehensive medical imaging service to our patients.”

The advanced functions offered by Fujifilm, including Image Stitching and Tomosynthesis, were important features for the clinic.

“The Image Stitching function, which automatically stitches multiple images within the selected parameters, is really quick and easy to use” said Helen Wilson, imaging manager.

“The joints between the images caused by patient movements are automatically corrected and results are excellent.

”Our radiologists have commented very positively on the quality of all the Fujifilm images - in fact we all love the image quality.

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”The Synapse PACS system completes the package and enhances our diagnostic capability. It also enables us to store, not only the images we acquire here, but also images from other hospitals and specialists.”