Leading medtech executive joins MediSieve board


Chris Jones to help develop revolutionary magnetic blood malaria-filter

MediSieve, the business established by Dr George Frodsham to develop the revolutionary magnetic blood malaria-filter, has appointed experienced medtech executive, Chris Jones, to its board of directors.

Formerly chief executive of continuous intravascular glucose monitoring device company, GlySure, he brings extensive marketing and commercial expertise to MediSieve along with specific expertise in leading the development of blood contacting medical devices.

In a career spanning 25 years, Jones has overseen the development, launch and market adoption of a range of medical devices and diagnostic products. He has also held senior leadership positions in diverse organisations, from venture funded start ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Alongside him on the MediSieve board is Dr Frodsham, and chairman, Quentin Pankhurst.

Welcoming Jones to the MediSieve board, Dr Frodsham said: “This appointment is a great boost for MediSieve. Chris’s background and track record in this specialised sector are second to none. His expertise spans both the commercial and technical aspects of what we’re aiming to achieve here, so his contribution will benefit the business enormously.”

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Treatment with MediSieve’s device involves no drugs or chemicals and offers new hope for malaria patients whose cases are severe or resistant to existing medicines. Initial trials show that the 3D-printed magnetic blood filter could extract up to 90% of infected cells from a person with malaria in under four hours.