Ergotron’s new CareFit Cart puts patients and caregivers first


Ultra-lean mobile workspace offers customisable design to fit individual users and work environments

In a continuing effort to support the needs of caregivers and remove constraints inhibiting patient-focused care; Ergotron has announced the new CareFit Slim Laptop Cart and Slim LCD Cart, the first products to be launched within its CareFit healthcare product line.

With the increasing adoption of electronic health records and digital care, caregivers must be more focused than ever on patient engagement and satisfaction.

The CareFit product line is designed to remove barriers to the best patient care, allowing nurses and doctors to easily travel between patient rooms and crowded hallways while supporting their unique workflow and ergonomic footprint.

Nurses and physicians spend long hours with patients during their greatest time of need, and with the CareFit line of products, Ergotron aims to help caregivers thrive with the right tools to stay comfortable and productive at the patient’s bedside.

“The nurses and doctors using this equipment were our inspiration for CareFit,” said Bob Hill, healthcare manager at Ergotron.

“Our new CareFit Slim Carts are designed to fit people, fit workflows, and fit environments, without restrictions, giving caregivers direct access to their patients without sacrificing physician safety or hospital workflow.”

The Slim Laptop Cart and LCD Cart offer an expansive vertical range to easily adjust to the ergonomic needs of a broad range of users, whether sitting or standing.

The compact frame makes it easy to move all-in-one computers and monitors around the healthcare facility, and the space-saving design allows the cart to sit flush against the wall when not in use.

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Multiple cart variations provide unique options to accommodate EMR technology with the same level of mobility and flexibility.