Care home opens traditional sweet shop for residents with dementia


Corner store evokes memories among the elderly

An old-fashioned sweet shop has opened at a care home in Sunderland aimed at enhancing the lives of people with dementia.

Managers at HC-One’s Falstone Court and Manor Care Home have been working closely with residents to design the home’s very own corner shop, which includes a sweets section comprising of traditional confectionary; a toiletries section; and a section made up of vintage items including games, old newspapers and magazines, tea pots and weighing scales.

The store will improve residents’ choice, independence, sense of taste and also stimulate the memory of those who are living with dementia. It will also be enjoyed by relatives and members of the local community.

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Care home manager, Heather Knowles Sinclair, said: “We are delighted to have opened our corner shop. It is a brilliant addition to Falstone Court and Manor and we hope that residents, as well as their relatives and members of the local community, will enjoy using it.”