Allocate Software's expenses tool for Nottingham University Hospitals


NOTTINGHAM University Hospitals NHS Trust is using Allocate Software's electronic expenses technology to improve efficiency and provide assurances that all staff will be paid the correct amount, on time. The implementation is part of the trust's Better for You improvements project. The e-Expenses module will integrate with the hospital's e-rostering tool to reduce paperwork, remove duplication and ensure expense payouts are accurate and compliant with specific payment rules. Richard Smith, head of financial services at the trust, said: "This is a significant development for the hospital. Given the current landscape, it's vital that trusts modernise and harness technology to reduce the administrative burden and free up resource for frontline patient care. With e-Expenses we no longer need to invest huge amounts of staff time manually completing and processing paper expense claims while complying with complex payment rules. The system will automatically do this, while ensuring that our valued employees receive the right amount of money they are owed and on time."

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